Salmon Fishing

1381 I went salmon fishing yesterday afternoon and this morning in Winthrop Harbor Illinois. We had a group of six guys that went. It was Gary, his father Gale, his college roommate Mike, my dad, my uncle Carl, and me. Gale is from Rushville IL, Mike is from outside of Springfield, IL. Gary is from … Read more

Holiday Time and a Media Blitz

Well, the holidays are upon us already, and I’m not sure I’m ready for them. There’s a radio station in Milwaukee that’s been playing nothing but Christmas songs since November 1st. Seriously? Two months of Christmas songs??!? I grew up going to choir rehearsals and band practices and we would start with the Christmas repertoire … Read more

Schnoodle 500


When we first got Mo we didn’t know much about schnoodles with the exception that they were cute. After a few weeks with him we noticed some behaviors that we thought were a little odd, but we chalked it up to his personality. We did some research on the schnoodle breed, and discovered that many of these behaviors are common among the breed. One such behavior is nicknamed the “Schnoodle 500.” This is where schoodles love to tear around open spaces as fast as they can. Mo does this often when he’s in a playful mood, or if he really wants to go outside and we finally get the message. He runs at full speed and without slowing down, he does a U-Turn and comes tearing back across the room at full speed. He’ll also do it in small circles, depending on the room available to him. It’s quite entertaining to watch.

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Busy Summer

It’s been a busy few weeks around here, and this is going to end up as a really long post. On Thursday June 28th both Angie and I left for different out of town trips. I went sailing across Lake Michigan with Steve and Sally, and Angie went to Appleton, and Minneapolis.

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