Is This Thing On???

“How do you jump back in the game when it’s been five years since your last post?” I don’t really have an answer to that question, which is why I wrote and then deleted so many versions of the first few paragraphs of this post. Since in all of the versions I was trying to answer that question, eventually I just decided to write out the question and answer it directly.

Once I answered that question, I had some other questions I wanted to answer, so I used them as writing prompts.

“Who is the audience of this site?” Of course if I’m going to get this site going, I need to figure out who I’m writing for. The answer to that question is easy. This site is for me. My audience is me. It’s a public blog and I don’t have any intention on making it private, but first and foremost, I’m writing for myself.

I see this site as a place to practice writing. I want to hone my skills as a writer, and I need a place for creative output. For too long I’ve been a consumer of creativity and not a creator. This post is the first step towards fixing that.

“Why Now?” I love playing music, but it’s been years since I’ve had the discipline to really do it. I love photography, but I haven’t really buckled down and made it a priority. I love writing, but I left a primary place for the outlet of that creativity abandoned for almost five years. I’m renewing my efforts at stopping that trend now.

“Why didn’t you post this to _______?” I’m conflicted about sharing these updates through social media. I claim that the audience is me, and I’m not writing for anyone but me, but on the other hand, I can use social media as a motivating force. I can let the people there hold me accountable. I can benefit from any feedback I might get. Let’s face it. If I don’t share this post on twitter, or facebook it’ s not going to get read by many. This site doesn’t show up in the first several pages of Google listings when searching for my name.

I think I’m going to work at establishing a voice for myself and once I’ve proven that I’m taking this thing seriously, then I’ll share it. I have a lot of thoughts about what this site can be, and none of them are very focused. It’s a garbled mush of concepts, none of which are fully formed. I’ll use this space to practice writing, establish a voice and then I’ll consider sharing it with people around e.

“What will you write about?” I want this place to tell a story. My story. That story is multi-faceted. I work in tech, I follow tech news, I take photos, I play games, I drink beer, I listen to music, I travel, I play music (occasionally), I make beer, I make cheese (some). All of these aspects should be reflected here. But mostly, this will be a place to write. To practice writing, and get disciplined about it.

So, alas it has begun.  I updated the blog like I’ve been telling myself I would for the last 4.9 years. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be.

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