Underwater Blues

Of course the news in Waukesha for the last few days has been the incessant rain we had over the weekend, and the subsequent flooding.After almost five years of living in the condo we finally learned why the street was called Mallard Pointe. On Sunday we got up and looked in our back yard and found that some ducks had found the pond that used to be our yard. We had it lucky though, as we were spared the worst of the flooding. The bridge by our old apartment was under water, and most of the bridges in Waukesha were closed due to flooding.

On Monday I was able to cross off something that has been on my life list, as we saw B.B. King in concert. We started out by going to Mo’s Irish Tavern and having dinner. The food was pretty good and the service was excellent. We then headed over to Potowatomi Casino to catch the show. We got to the casino a little early, so we decided to put some money in the slot machines. I started with $20 and stoped when I was up to $55, Angie on the other hand wasn’t so lucky and she spent her $20.

The concert was fantastic. The venue is small, with the first floor being made up of tables, and a balcony above. We were on the first floor in Row E all the way to stage Left, but our view was great. At 82 years old, he showed why he’s the king of the blues. My only complaint was that the show was too short. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to bring a camera to the show, so I’ll settle for this picture from Flickr.

BB King
Tour de despedida do Mestre do Blues, Mr. BB King.
Vivo Rio, 07/12/2006, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

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    I need to post here more often. I also need to get the Alaska pictures up. Soon, I promise!

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