A New Graduate

We’ve had a very busy weekend, and although it was fun I’m glad it’s finished. After the fishing trip we came back home and had people show up for Angie’s graduation party.  We had about 40 people come for the open house on Saturday afternoon. The weather was great and a good time was had by all.

Today Angie’s parents, grandparents and I went to see her graduate from Cardinal Stritch. She got her masters degree in instructional technology and we are all very proud of her.  She worked hard for the last two years for the right to wear the funny cap and gown. Even though she couldn’t figure out how to wear the sash correctly, she still proved that she knows a thing or two.

After the ceremony we went to one of Angie’s favorite restaurants Yokoso for some sushi.  It was excelent as always. The meal was extra fun because her grandparents had never had sushi before, and weren’t well practiced with chopsticks.  They were good sports and insisted on ordering themselves a king crab roll to share, and only ate with their chopsticks even though we had the waitress bring them out some silverware. Angie’s grandpa Gale really liked the wasabi and didn’t want to see it go to waste so he ate it in larger portions than any of us would be able to handle.  They said they really liked it, and even took some chopsticks back with them so they could show off their skills to their friends in Illinois.

Angie’s parents and grandparents are leaving to go home tomorrow, and we’re all pretty beat from the excitement around here this weekend so I’m off to bed.

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