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When we first got Mo we didn’t know much about schnoodles with the exception that they were cute. After a few weeks with him we noticed some behaviors that we thought were a little odd, but we chalked it up to his personality. We did some research on the schnoodle breed, and discovered that many of these behaviors are common among the breed. One such behavior is nicknamed the “Schnoodle 500.” This is where schoodles love to tear around open spaces as fast as they can. Mo does this often when he’s in a playful mood, or if he really wants to go outside and we finally get the message. He runs at full speed and without slowing down, he does a U-Turn and comes tearing back across the room at full speed. He’ll also do it in small circles, depending on the room available to him. It’s quite entertaining to watch.
This summer feels like we’re doing the schnoodle 500. Racing forward at full speed, and as the terrain changes, we have to roll with it, but we can’t slow down. Over the past few weeks, we’ve run almost the full gamut of the human experience. We had a wedding, and now we’re faced with the inevitability of our own mortality.

First the wedding… Last weekend we went up to Superior Wisconsin for a wedding of a friend and colleague. This was a wedding that we’ve been expecting for years, so by the time it finally happened, it went fast. The ever industrious Angie volunteered to head up early and help with preparations, so I stayed at home with Mo. While he is technically my dog, nobody told him that, and he misses Angie terribly when she’s gone for extended times. On Friday, I flew up to Superior (probably my last flight on Midwest, before it becomes assimilated by the corporate borg that is AirTran. Goodbye baked on board Chocolate Chip Cookies, I’ll miss you!).

It was a nice ceremony, with a blending of cultures I’m sure little Superior doesn’t see all that often (The groom comes from a Mexican-American family, and the bride teaches Spanish, so they had some very nice Spanish portions of the ceremony). The reception was fun as well, from the Mariachi trio, to the Fireworks, and DJ, they had a little bit of everything for everyone represented.

We stopped at the Norske Nook on our drive home on Sunday for a little “home cooking” and some fabulous pie. It ended up being a very nice weekend. Nobody was happier than Mo when it was finally over and we returned to “normal.”

Flash forward to this week. Nothing much unusual until Thursday night when we got a call from Angie’s Mom. It seems that her Dad’s cancer has returned. The doctors say it’s not good, and they gave him at most 2-3 years. Gary is a strong man that hates to listen to doctors, and that’s why I have no doubt that he will do everything in his power to prove them wrong. However, he’s on life number 4 or 5 and being realistic, this one doesn’t sound good. He has spots on his liver, lungs and lymph nodes and depending on how quickly they grow, he may only have a few months left. All we can say at this point, is we’re praying for him, and we are certainly glad we had the extra time with him.

It was a year ago the weekend of the 4th of July that he got his first diagnosis, where they said his chances weren’t good. He defied the odds and became one of the exceptions, and we’re grateful for that. He may not be the best at expressing it, but when you know him, you know that he is a man that is full of love. Love for his family, love for his friends, love even for the strangers he meets when he visits the Minneapolis Detox center with his AA friends. No matter what happens in the next months and years, we will be sure that everyone who knows him will be praying for him.

We’re prepping the house for an invasion next week. We are planning for an attack of some little people. Namely Alec and Madeline, my nephew and niece. They come every year for a week in the summer and we spoil them rotten. This year will be no exception, even though we now have a little dog of our own to spoil on a daily basis. We’re planning on hitting the Discovery World Museum at least. More on their visit in a later post.

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  1. My dogs a schnoodle. His name is Schnitzle. He does the schnoodle 500 after a bath. It’s so funny!

    Schnoodles ROCK!

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